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         ✺ ★ * ★ *  Green Day star signs * ★ ★ 

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No fights on Billie’s watch you little shits! (unless he’s the one who started the fight then God help you no one’s there to watch out for you)

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I cant find words to describe the look on his face, but it just makes me feel so happy. He looks like someone who’s really glad to be there and glad to see that others are glad that he’s there. It’s like someone who just came back home after a long time, and my heart is just melting right now.

His face looks like. “Holy shit, this is my life. “

This still gets to me

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1/? favorite songs,
Green Day - Whatsername

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and he did it again!!!! :D ♥

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Billie Joe Armstrong a.k.a. The Rev crowd surfing during the Foxboro Hot Tubs gig @ SXSW (x)

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Green Day singles from ¡UNO!, ¡DOS! &  ¡TRÉ!

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